Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yesterday the Chicago Sun-Times and other media outlets went nuts with reports of the biggest divorce in city history. The parties are of course Michael and Maya Polsky. Maya is being given a rather hard time, described as "primarily a homemaker during the couple's 31-year marriage" in the Metromix piece by Tribune Staff Reporter Michael Higgins. Maya Polsky, of course, runs a gallery in Chicago's River North district and was Ed Pascke's primary dealer.


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Robert S said...

So now Maya becomes the richest gallery owner in America, outside the sphere of Gagosian and Saatchi, while 95% of the fine art galleries in America struggle to exist. Why the judge decided the matter in the fashion he did is unbelievable; he made his business, and she made hers. Maya thinks she discovered Ed, and that shrew of a sister she has running things day to day turned off more collectors from dealing with the gallery than Ed ever knew about. “No discounts,” “no discounts,” the mantra to anyone interested in Ed, even young collectors. Now that Maya and her pudgy sister will not have to worry about selling art anymore, I am certain that mantra will continue.