Tuesday, December 18, 2007

40000 Closing: Not an Exhibition

David Coyle - Come in/Keep Out
David Coyle • Come in / Keep out • 2006 • oil & enamel on canvas 20 x 26 in

Sadly, another gallery in Chicago is closing down. This one is a heartbreaker, 40000, one of the best younger galleries in the city is closing its doors after "3 years and 37 events" when the current show ends on December 29. In an email director Britton Bertran stated:
I would ... like to profoundly thank all the artists, assistants, visitors, students, curators, collectors, fellow gallerists and the plainly curious.

I started 40000 for many reasons, but most importantly it was an opportunity to work with artists I respected and was thrilled by. It was also a way of bfringing to Chicago another venue from which to expose new and emerging artists with new and emerging ideas.

I strongly encourage everyone to stop by the space and check out David Coyle: 2007. Coyle is one of the most interesting painters right now, and a favorite of mine. His work runs from painterly to geometric abstraction, from simplistic to complex, and from serious to casual. In my mind, his paintings can be placed alongside the contemporaries Thomas Scheibitz, Mark Grotjahn and Katherine Bernhardt. All unique in what they do, but all with a certain sensibility for color, composition and paint handling that seems to connect them.

Also apparent is the influence of Bernard Frize and Kenneth Noland, albeit with taken with a grain of salt and a healthy dose of mirth. This isn’t to say Coyle is derivative, more that he draws from painting’s recent history and works from there. If anything, it gets my mind working, thinking of how his pieces fit into the practice of painting, and giving me the itch to get back into the studio myself. It is sad to see 40000 go, but this exhibition strikes a final, high, note.

Bertran also noted plans for a future venture. You can always look here for updates, of course.

David Coyle - Beyond Infinity
David Coyle • Beyond Infinity • 2007 • oil on canvas • 40 in sqr

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