Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A man puts on a bear suit and wanders round an art gallery. Yes, it's Turner Prize time again

The artist (center) seen in his current installation at Donald Young Gallery • Mark Wallinger • The Human Figure in Space • 2007 • 3 miles of kite string, mirrors & stenciled numbers • dimensions variable

You may well have heard this elsewhere, but Mark Wallinger has won the Turner Prize, Britain's premier badge, crown, cup, laurel, medal, order, ribbon, trophy; accolade, applause, bravo, encomium, hallelujah, homage, paean, panegyric, plaudit, tribute; citation, commendation, compliment for a contemporary artist. Wallinger currently has an exhibition on view at Donald Young of recent work, complimenting the main installation, The Human Figure in Space, a piece he created especially for the space. A video Sleeper, on view at Young, first wowed audiences and critics at the 2005 Venice Beinnale, it is also on view at the Turner Prize exhibition. Wallinger's exhibition in Chicago is on view through February 8 of next year.

Mark Wallinger • Sleeper • 2004 • single channel video, silent • dimensions variable • Ed. of 3/AP

The headline for this post was from The Daily Mail if you think there are loads of willfully ignorant members of the public here in America, visit these links to stories from another British staple, the tabloid.

> We've had pickled sheep, an unmade bed and a shed that turned into a boat.
You have to love this quote: " It is the second time Wallinger has been nominated. The first was 12 years ago when he named a racehorse A Real Work of Art. He lost out to Damien Hirst."

> Artist Mark Wallinger, who wanders around galleries dressed as a bear, has won this year's £25K Turner Prize.
I am jealous that their tabloids actually bother to attack art. What do we have? Oh right, "legitimate" news sources, and mayors running for President.


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