Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Closing Soon

Jason Rhoades Black Pussy
Jason Rhoades • Velvet Underground Perfect World • 2000/05 • 24 neon signs, wooden Mephisto Show Box cut in half, drawings (on paper behind plexiglass) • dimensions variable • Collection of Glenn Fuhrman, NY

It’s a new year, congratulations for making it this far. Before looking back at 2007, Art or Idiocy is looking to the present. There are two shows up this week at the major art museums in the city that close this weekend. If you have family in town for the holidays that want to get cultured, or see what all this art stuff you are always talking about is, these shows are good places to go. They also will interest seasoned art conisseurs such as yourself, oh Art or Idiocy reader. First is Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock & Roll Since 1967 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, especially good for the disaffected teenage sibling or cousin. There has been a lot of heated, uh, debate about this show in Chicago. I will post my review later this week, for now check out the photoset on Flickr.

And Jasper Johns: Gray is at the Art Institute. It’s about the artist’s work in neutral value of gray, as you might have guessed. There are some major pieces from throughout Johns’ oeuvre and some not so much, but it is definitely worth seeing. A review on this is forthcoming later as well.

Both exhibitions close Sunday, January 6.

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American Genius said...

My first thought after looking at the image was Velvet Underground. Not sure why, but that was my first impression.