Saturday, February 16, 2008

Art That Kills - Is Your Family Safe?

Back in July of 2006 an art disaster like no other occurred. An inflatable multicolored walk-in “psychedelic cathedral” bouncy castle broke free of its moorings and blew away in the window leaving several wounded and two dead in Durham, UK. Artinfo reports that this week, after a 19-month investigation, Maurice Agis, creator of Dreamspace, was charged with “gross negligence manslaughter.” Charges were also brought against Brouhaha [how apropos] International Limited, a Liverpudlian promotional company and the local Council.
The space website has been taken down:
Web-Page Temporarily Closed.
All DREAMSPACE exhibitions have been cancelled.

Página web cerrada temporalmente
Todas las exposiciones de DREAMSPACE han sido canceladas.


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