Friday, February 15, 2008

New York Times - Wrong on Jasper Johns

Correction: February 15, 2008
An art review in Weekend last Friday about “Jasper Johns: Gray,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, referred incorrectly to the orange, green and purple in the painting “Céline.” They are secondary colors (made by mixing primary colors), not tertiaries (made by mixing secondary colors).

That funny note followed Roberta Smith's glowing, simply glowing, review in the Times. Her closing line:
This is a marvelous show, a shadow retrospective of a career within a career. It amplifies gray into a color spectrum all its own. And it illuminates 50 years of a life saved by, and lived for, the incessant pursuit of art.
I thought you weren't supposed to directly quote from the press release.

While Smith writes almost empty praise, Donald Kuspit's on artnet, who leads with three quotes including one from T.S. Eliot on the end of the world, delivering a morbid tome on Modernism . Reading these reviews, one gets the feeling they are praising the show out of some sense of duty or premeditation. Oh sorry, he has four quotes, and six footnotes.

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