Sunday, February 24, 2008

The NEXT List

Corey Arnold • Kitty & Horse Fisherman • 2007 • C-print • 16 x 20 in • Richard Heller Gallery

The NEXT art fair has released its list of exhibitors. Next is the invitational “emerging” part of the Artropolis cavalcade the last weekend of April later this year. It’s a little confusing since some of the galleries’ names appear as exhibitors at both Art Chicago and Next. But it looks to be a decent roster that will provide for some good viewing with some pretty prominent spaces to the lesser known.

Names that stick out for one reason or another include (some of which are on the Art Chicago list): DCKT, Finesilver, Goff + Rosenthal, Richard Heller, Houldsworth, Jack the Pelican Presents, Darren Knight Gallery, Leo Koenig inc., Yvon Lambert, Mixed Green, Parker’s Box, Pierogi, Daniel Reich, Roebling Hall, Timothy Taylor, Winkleman, Zwirner & Wirth

Local spaces include: BucketRider, devening projects + editions, Kavi Gupta (of course), Roots and Culture, Carrie Secrist, Walsh, Western Exhibitions, Tony Wight

Bodybuilder & Sportsman has officially changed its name to Tony Wight, with a new website and all. It’s kind of sad. Bodybuilder & Sportsman was a good name, and galleries named after the name of who owns them get kind of tedious.



Anonymous said...

Why does every young photographer / photo student find it necessary to use these stupid horse masks? It’s cliché. Everyone, please stop photographing horse masks.

Lisa Hunter said...

I was surprised this was Corey Arnold's photo. It's different from the way I think of his work.