Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Permanent Collection Intervention & Other Stories

If you haven’t made it down to Hyde Park recently, I would like to suggest you make the trip. Visit the Smart Museum, if not to check out the excellent Idol Anxiety show. [Which I reviewed for ArtSlant, see below] Then to see On Paper, a group curatorial project engaging the museum’s permanent collection I participated in with six other graduate students from the University of Chicago under the guidance of Stephanie Smith, Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Curator of Contemporary Art.

Decollaged Coasters
Works by Ad Reinhardt, Erik Wenzel, Robert Smithson & Danielle Paz during installation.

From our essay:
We approached the project by establishing a set of criteria and themes gleaned from a critical discussion of recently acquired work by Michael Rakowitz, which is also on view [...] From this starting point, we came up with the following:

  • PAPER: as material and subject;

  • CIRCULATION: alternative modes of exchange and movement;

  • POLITICS: contemporary culture and events as subject; and

  • RECONTEXTUALIZATION: items that have attained the status of art through changes in context.

  • With these notions in mind, we each culled through the Smart Museum’s database and selected artworks that spoke to the group’s concepts and our own aesthetic sensibilities. Through a process of debate and discussion we arrived at the works you now see. We also collectively designed the display.

    As practicing artists, we also sought to engage this project with our own work: pieces were chosen or created in response to the themes and works selected. This allowed us to interact with the history of art in a deeper way, literally situating ourselves in the conversations.

    Artists included are:
    Matthew Metzger, Kimmy Noonen, Danielle Paz, Vanessa Ruiz, Michal Stawarz, Marilyn Volkman, Erik Wenzel (graduate students)
    Rudolf Baranik, Walker Evans, Hans Haacke, Martin Kippenberger, John Latham, Pablo Picasso, Ad Reinhardt, Robert Smithson, Carol Summers, Kara Walker, H.C. Westerman (permanent collection artists)

    On Paper is on view in the permanent collection galleries of contemporary art through the end of August.

    Also, I have been writing reviews again, this time for the new website ARTslant. It has bureaus in Chicago, LA, New York, San Francisco and Europe. In addition to reviews and other features, you can start your own profile whether you’re an artist, run a space or anything else.

    Finally, I want to plug the DOVA temporary gallery, which is a project of the UofC’s visual art and art history departments. Through Saturday, August 9th is an exhibition of work by Zach Cahill who received his MFA from the program in 2007. He has also been interviewed on the blog, Between Bigwood and Brush. Opening next Friday, August 16th, is an exhibition centered around the events of May 1968 in Paris organized by students in the art history department. I don’t know if you call them students, maybe they are PhD candidates. Just like On Paper was organized my MFA candidates. At any rate.

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