Monday, December 29, 2008


P.1 2

I was just in New Orleans in a futile attempt to view all the art at the myriad Prospect.1 venues. I'm working on a piece for ArtSlant, and will be posting from my seemingly endless stream of photos on Flickr, so stay tuned.

• This could easily surpass the Whitney Biennial in the coming years.
• If you are a famous video artist today, you are making elaborate works requiring huge casts and crews, hoping to conquer cinema.
• Every time I go to New Orleans I wish I'd planned to stay at least two more days.
• Maybe art and culture do serve a unique purpose and can contribute to the greater good.

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tony fitzpatrick said...

It is an amazing ciy-- perhaps our most necessary city ; our covenant with the old world. I'm glad you made the time to go -- the Crescent City is truly a reliquary of otherness.