Tuesday, January 06, 2009

All Around

Looking north near the US Mint Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans

Lot’s to report today. Probably the largest chunk of writing I’ve done in one session is up on ArtSlant. First is the report from New Orleans. Reviews of the Contemporary Arts Center and US Mint venues of Prospect.1 and an essay on the city are on the Worldwide site.

Presents at Rowley Kennerk
Installation view of Presents curated by Milwaukee International at Rowley Kennerk Gallery

And from Chicago: David Schutter at Tony Wight, Ulf Puder at Kavi Gupta and Presents at Rowley Kennerk.

Ulf Puder • Rückbau • 2008 • oil on linen • 59 x 79 inches • Kavi Gupta Gallery

Coincidentally, tonight PBS airs The Old Man and the Storm, a report on post Katrina New Orleans from Frontline. This will be good, and depressing. Frontline is one of the best, perhaps only, in-depth and carefully researched programs out there today. It is much lauded for things like “journalist integrity” and “objective reporting” and rightly so. Frontline gives you the information you might not want to hear, but need to be informed of. And it does it in a way that is as free of agenda and spin as you can get. You should be able to watch online.

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