Monday, February 09, 2009

Cut the Pig (and then give it stitches)

ARTINFO follows up, and now I am too, on funding for the arts cuts in the Stimulus Bill. The provision for $50M for the National Endowment for the Arts has been restored to the bill that just passed.

ARTINFO reports that one of there’s at least one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on, that the arts are, “wasteful and non-stimulative projects." Also, they comparably waste taxpayer money the way “gambling facilities; aquariums and zoos; golf courses, swimming pools, and parks; and highway beautification projects,” do.

This is an amendment to the stimulus plan that Republicans won’t let out unless it completely ruined and packed full of tax breaks for the rich. The measure proposed by Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma), won 73 – 24. Democrats who supported the amendment include: Diane Feinstein of California, Charles Schumer of New York, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

It specifically “prevents ‘any ... museum, theater [or] art center,’ from sharing in the bailout.”

If you’re one of those internet action types, the Americans for the Arts are doing an e-campaign.

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Michael Wasniowski said...

The Arts are always the first to be chucked out with the bathwater. So much for passion...

as long as there's mindless marketing at sporting events maybe they can sell enough swill to get our economy back on track! Ugh.