Sunday, February 15, 2009

Interview with Hans Haacke and Other Reviews

I am taking a bit of a hiatus from writing. One reason is my exhibition at 65GRAND, BELIEF IN DOUBT IN PAINTING, which opens this Friday, February 20. I do want to take a moment and direct you to some recent reviews for ArtSlant and an interview I was excited to conduct and am pleased is now available for viewing.

Hans Haacke • Shalopsky et al Manhattan Real Estate Holdings, A Real time Social System, As of May 1, 1971. • from
First, check out the interview I conducted with Hans Haacke when he visited the University of Chicago last year for ArtSpeaks hosted by the Open Practice Committee. Other than saying "um" a lot, I think I did a good job. I got to ask him a lot of questions. One of which that I thought was casual, turned out to lead to answer dispelling rumors and myths about his infamous cancelled Guggenheim show. It occurs near the end, so listen in with intent ears and know you've had the spoiler alert. Revisionist history, straight from the artist's mouth.

Scott Wolniak
Still from the video projection Healing Colors, Musical Notes (w/ Jim Dorling) • 2008 • 29 min. 37 sec.
> Scott Wolniak Ungray: Color Light and Other Balms

Davis/Langlois • Dads • 2008 • 0il on canvas • 34 x 60 inches, 2 parts • monique meloche gallery
> Davis Langlois: House of the Rising Sun

Matthew Higgs' "Present"
Matthew Higgs • Look at Me • 2007 • framed bookpage • 13.5 x 10.5" • ed. 1 of 3 • courtesy of Murray Guy • as seen in "Presents" curated by Milwaukee International at Rowley Kennerk Gallery
> Presents


Mark Staff Brandl said...

Good jobg with Haacke. The "um" thing is one of the troubles with video. In purely sound podacasts, like at Bad at sports, we cut most of those out. mIt is almost impossible with vidcasts. But it doewn't bother me with in yours.

Mark Staff Brandl said...

Man, I type like shit. Sorry.