Friday, March 06, 2009

Hurrah, the Butter is all Gone!

This 1935 photomontage by John Heartfield has been coming to mind a lot. Obviously during the Bush Administration with the cutting of nearly all funding in favor of the war and its no-bid contracts. But now, just the sentiment of its main phrase. It fits the ironic joys of our time. If you can't find anything to be joyful about, find joy ironically in what is most obviously wrong. So as I look at the country, and the Republicans' concerted effort to not only maintain the idiocy of the past years, but make sure any new policies are strangled at birth if not stillborn, I look to the future and say: "Hurray! The butter is all gone!" Ah, but we still have our tax cuts, our over $250K/year tax cuts.

What else can you do? Sure criticizing is easy, especially if you represent a way of life that got us here (conservatives). But there's also the possibility that any of the new ideas won't work either. We could all be fucked no matter what. With all the comparisons to the Great Depression and The New Deal and that time of worldwide economic collapse, people leave a few things out. No one, at least in the developed nations, is standing in line with a sack of money hoping by the time it's their turn there is still a loaf of bread available and that the cash they have is enough to pay for it. That was literally the case around the world in the 30s. The other overlooked part, but I'm sure there are some people secretly getting excited, rubbing their hands together in anticipation, is that the last catastrophe was solved by another, worse catastrophe, World War II.

"Nothing mobilizes capital like war."

If you've ever wondered what the rest of it says:
[Hermann Goering] in his speech in Hamburg: "Ore has always made an empire strong, butter and lard have made a country fat at most.” > SOURCE

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