Thursday, November 12, 2009

Billionaire Barbers Club

"Well hello there, baby." said the matronly white woman at the ticket stand.
"Hi. Is this were I can get a shuttle ticket to the St. Louis hotel?"
"Sure is, baby.
Now this is your ticket for the ride today, baby. This one is for your return, you hang on to it, baby. Put it in your wallet.
The shuttle stops over there, baby. Be about a 20 minute wait."
"Thank you."
"You're welcome, baby. You enjoy yourself in the Big Easy."

Chris Sullivan • Underperforming Billboard Deams (Bubble Car Wash) • 2009 • courtesy of the artist and Slight Publications

I was recently in New Orleans again and made my way to some exhibitions at the the local institutions. In addition to Skylar Fein at the New Orleans Museum of Art (details below) I saw "Hot Up Here" at the Contemporary Arts Center. Organized by CAC Visual Arts Director Dan Cameron, "Hot Up Here" is in a series of exhibitions collecting work by artists in the NOLA vicinity.

Cameron founded Prospect New Orleans, the biennial that had its inaugural outing from late 2008 to early 09. Cameron is still curating the programming for its second edition, while local arts and culture leader Barbara Motley is taking over as Executive Director. P.2 is set to open in November 2010. Although slightly smaller than its predecessor, P.2 will still be the largest exhibition of its kind in the US. If it is anything like P.1, it will run circles around the Whitney Biennial. A multi-venue experience spread throughout such a visceral city as NOLA is bound to beat out the flea market the WiBi [sic] has become.

My review of "Hot Up Here" is on ArtSlant. I also have a short essay/editorial focusing on traveling through the city via streetcar along with a consideration of the invigorating mash up of architectural styles one finds.


Federal Building, New Orleans

Sklyar Fein: Youth Manifesto is on view through January 2 of 2010 at the New Orleans Museum of Art and definitely worth seeing. You may remember Fein as one of the standout acts in the inaugural edition of Prospect New Orleans which closed earlier this year. My review is up on ArtSlant. I also have some images from this excellent show on Flickr.

Youth Manifesto
installation view of View Skylar Fein: Youth Manifesto at the New Orleans Museum of Art


What does it mean that in researching this article I found the Dead Kennedy's "California Über Alles" is playable on Guitar Hero? I can't tell if that's good or bad, or ironic or not. I don't even know any more.


J. Thomas said...

Thanks for the review and great Flickr pics, Erik. Seems like a pretty great show - the more I looked, the more I liked it, which isn't usually the case. Come across any other gems on your NOLA sojourn?

Anonymous said...

POSER: who pretends to be someone whose not.
2. who tries to fit in but with exaggeration
...or someone who steals others creative work