Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weeding the Vinyl

Orange Couch
From the Nomadic Studio Flickr Photoset.

I am excited to have a piece up as part of the Stockyard Institute’s Nomadic Studio at the DePaul University Museum. This Thursday evening Thea Liberty Nichols will host a panel discussion focusing on writing that is worth checking out. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, but “Erik Wenzel’s Bullet Points About Art” will be on view in the form of a vinyl text piece. (notes on the piece follow information on the panel discussion below).

The DePaul University Museum is located in the library building at 2350 North Kenmore, in Chicago.

This Thursday 9/23, 6-8pm – Form and Content of Writing with Thea Liberty Nichols, Patrice Connolly, Claudine Ise, Abraham Ritchie & Bert Stabler - Panelists will engage in a casual discussion that examines the form (newsprint, published monographs, online journals or blogs) and content (criticism, interviews, exhibition reviews, press releases or scholarly essays) of their writing. Their individual practices, including the texts that inform and inspire them, will be examined alongside the colleagues and organizations with which they collaborate. In conjunction with Studio Chicago, the ways in which their studio environment, and indeed the city itself, contextualizes their practice will also be explored.

Claudine Isé has worked in the field of contemporary art as a curator and writer. Isé was Associate Curator of Exhibitions at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio. Assistant Curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and an art critic for The Los Angeles Times. She currently writes for artforum.com, art:21 blog, ARTnews, New City, and badatsports.com.

Abraham Ritchie is a writer as well as the Editor for ArtSlant: Chicago, the creator and administrator of The Chicago Art Blog on the ChicagoNow network and WordPress, and also writes for NewCity. He has previously written about art for Madison Newspapers, Inc.

Thea Liberty Nichols is an arts administrator, independent curator, and writer who lives and works in Chicago. Along with managing Intuits Study Center, she also acts as Co-Director of 65GRAND

Patrice Connelly is the Curatorial Associate for BMO Financial Group’s Corporate Art Collection where she crafts catalog texts describing and contextualizing the art works in their holdings. She has been contributing freelance art exhibition reviews to NewCity since 2008.

Bert Stabler is a teacher, writer, curator, and artist living in Chicago. He feeds on the living.

Notes on Bullet Points on Art at DePaul Museum

Erik Wenzel’s Bullet Points About Art
2009, ongoing
Material manifestation variable, vinyl lettering this instantiation.

From email correspondence:

Thea: In the doc you sent me, there are no actual bullet points, am I missing something or is this a canard?

Erik: Hold on I have to look up canard. [ ... ]

There are no literal bullets, like dots. It will appear much as it did in the PDF. It will say, “EW's bullet points...” and then the list starts. The only difference will be where the line breaks are and I am going to use Rockwell font.

I guess it might be a canard since it falsely reports that there will be bullets. But I don't think you actually have to have the graphic balls for them to be bullet points. Bullet points are short statements, they are sentences but punchier, more forceful and authoritative. Sol Lewitt wrote sentences, I write bullet points.

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