Friday, July 15, 2011


Friday, July 15th marks the 30th birthday of our Founding Director & Chief Executive Officer for Blogging Operations. What other notable cultural icons share their birthdates with Erik Wenzel? Here is just a selection:

Inigo Jones, the first British architect of the modern era.

Rembrandt, who is like one of the best artists ever.

Walter Benjamin, who famously proved that photographs have no soul.

Jacques Derrida, inventor of the ironic air quote.

Ian Curtis, who was depressed.

Jan-Michael Vincent, Air Wolf.

Jesse The Body Ventura, who got killed by a Predator.

Adam Savage, Mythbuster.

Forest Whitaker, who feels things deeply.


Sandy said...

Pretty sure your commentary on Ian Curtis is the best.


Graham Matthews Art said...

I agree Rembrandt was a genius, and one of the best portrait painters!