Wednesday, May 11, 2005

If You Were A Rich Art Collector You'd Dress Like This Too.

Valerie Monroe Shakespeare & Tery Fugate-Wilcox at the opening of Terry Winters, Matthew Marks Gallery, November 7th 2003

Art or Idiocy? came across this site today. Pop Portraits, among other features sports an extensive archive of openings at hot and not so hot galleries. You might not be in New York, but now you can join the parade of delusion and hobnob with the hobnobs.


Anonymous said...

and your point about this couple is? I am not sure I would want to hobnob with them

Lisa Hunter said...

I'll never again complain that I don't have anything to wear.

Beauty Therapy said...

Lets wear a huge pendant to draw attention to my boobs, just in case they didn't notice.