Friday, February 02, 2007


Art or Idiocy?, just as any blog, website, periodical or publication, is under no obligation whatsoever to allow any comments. In particular, Art or Idiocy? bears no responsibility to comments that assault our glorious leader’s person, character, art, upbringing, financial status, education etc. etc. And Art or Idiocy? especially does not have to give any comments that then move towards blatant self-promotion, verbose accounts of one’s achievements and endless bitterness a forum.

Finally, Art or Idiocy? is in no way required to provide any sort of platform or soapbox for others to air their own personal grievances, chemical imbalances, rants, raves or fatwas. Especially when they are in direct opposition to our own evil agenda(s).

When an ensuing “discussion” devolves into what became this post, Art or Idiocy? has every right to exercise its executive authority. Therefore, this post has been removed. Our apologies. If you have any unfinished or unresolved issues regarding this matter, please feel free to start your own blog, website or zine.

Erik Wenzel

Art or Idiocy?

The Evil International Art Cabal