Friday, December 14, 2018

Doot Sphere

In the erotic fourth dimension, spheres exist only as pseudospheres—the exact opposite of regular spheres.

This is a pseudosphere: 

    A child asks: 
    Why does a pseudosphere look like two trumpets placed honker to honker?
    If a pseudosphere is the opposite surface curvature of a sphere, then isn’t the inside of a sphere a pseudosphere?

    A wise adult responds: 
    So a sphere’s surface has no depth. Imagining the “inside” of a sphere is wrong. There’s no inside or outside because it isn’t like a shell or a ball or a barrier.

    You’re actually just picturing a different perspective on a normal sphere when you say “inside.”

    In terms of inside and outside of a sphere, you have to think of a pseudosphere as looking at the inside of a sphere from the outside of the sphere (not like see-through style, but the inside IS the outside).

    Also, the technical term for a trumpet’s “honker” is “doot pit.”

The "doot pit" is also known as the "doot cup." Particularly in reference to trombones. When two trumpets are placed doot pit to doot pit or doot cup to doot cup, a pseudosphere is born. The doot sphere is the purest expression of an erotic four-dimensional union.

Trumpets and trombones cannot be place together, doot to doot. Rather, they can be placed together doot pit to doot cup and cetera. But what they form is neither a pseudosphere nor a doot sphere, but a "pseudodoot."

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