Friday, March 04, 2005

Print-Bangers' Ball

This may be a bit of a self-indulgent social-page type post. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway. It's still related to art and culture.

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The Printmaker’s Ball last night at the Hot House was a success beyond anyone’s anticipation.

My arm candy and I arrived to find a throng of kids waiting in a mass that went down the block and around the corner. I thought I’d be cool and try to get us in. I usually chicken out on things like this, but I thought I’d at least go for it. So I went in and said, “hey, I write for Bridge.” (which I do, or at least have. As a “contributor” you’re status at any publication is never really all that secure.) They wouldn’t let me in though, because the place was at capacity and my presence was a fire hazard. Geez, I’m not that fat! I told my friend she should have asked; they’d’ve let her in. So we went to get some pizza and see if the line died down some. I give “Got Pizza” high marks for their having been open and just around the corner.

We came back and it was a half hour till closing and the line was just as long. But then a friend invited me to cut. I was then brimming with cool kid satisfaction. It didn’t matter though, because everything was gone when we made it in. I found a “Dirty Found” postcard, and that was about it. I think I’m kind of glad I didn’t walk away with a bunch of free stuff because I never through anything away. I have tons and tons of art magazines. Quality publications like ARTFORUM and Modern Painters are just too damn nice and expensive to pitch. And all those essays you are going to read one day!

I’m glad it was such a success for everyone involved. I’m not actually sure who all was involved, though. Especially since it was a mass of “what had been,” when we finally got in.

The Printer’s Ball highlighted Chicago mags, zines and magazines. And newspapers. I saw:
    Bridge, Chicago Reader (in that there was a stack of them there), FOUND Magazine, NewCity, Pistil, The Poetry Center of Chicago (matchbooks) Stop Smiling, Terry Plumbing and Venus. Oh and this awesome artblog called Art or Idiocy? (I was passing out stickers. That’s right, stickers. Hand colored stickers, so they are a passionate work of art like my business cards .) I’m only listing the publications I positively ID’ed, not those listed on the card. There were a bunch that I haven’t actually even heard of; so I guess my finger’s not totally on the plus.

I got to look at an issue of Stop Smiling (that means I thumbed through someone else’s copy). That was the extent of my dancing at the Ball.

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