Friday, May 20, 2005

10. Russel's BBQ

I have spent the last four Sundays in a row trekking out to Oak Park (North and Thatcher) at 10:30 am for a full slab of baby backs. I have to admit that half the interest is the actual journey straight west through parts of Chicago I would have never seen is part of the attraction. But ultimately, the award is Memphis-style dry-rub heaven. Request non-wet and apply your own sauce. Other pluses are the gorgeous modernist designed booths, the radio and television going full blast at the same time, and the Oak Park folks who think this place is a secret. Not any more.

Britton Bertran is an arts organizer in Chicago

Previous TOP TEN contributors include:

    Audrey Peiper, an arts administrator & curator. Ms. Peiper runs Locus Projects with her husband. Locus Projects is, among other things, a camping battery used to run slide projectors in Chicago's parks for impromptu art events.

    Terrence Hannum, an artist and writer based in Chicago. Hannum has been directing for over two years, but has recently taken a hiatus from it to focus on his own work. Visit panel-house for an archive of reviews, commentary and discussion.

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