Friday, July 07, 2006

My Art, Domestic & Abroad

I want to tell you about two shows that I am in, currently on view in far off lands. Indeed, the reach of Erik Wenzel, Artist Extraordinaire, is ever expanding and solidifying.

artLedge has mounted an exhibition with London’s i-cabin gallery. It opens tonight, and I am so jealous about not being there. It is called To London from Chicago, with Great Love. And it is indeed true, since of all the cities I have been to in my life, London is my favorite. Or should I say, favourite?

Clarendon buildings, 11 Ronalds road, London, N5 1XJ WEBSITE

Chillin' Nerdy Batman

Also is Contemporary Art Month in San Antonio, and for it Stella Haus Art Space is mounting a T-shirt show. Last year the theme was napkins. It follows a rubric of functional cloth art. I think the image speaks for itself and happily so, it does its speaking in Texas. This is my first T-shirt show. Wait, I did one for Milhaus at the Stray Show in 2003. I never saw the shirt, or any cash for it. So if you see Scott Reeder let him know that I am looking for my shirt or my ten bucks. Yes, I have made some T-shirts in my time, but they are usually for me, not sale.

Opening receptions:
1st Friday 7/7/6 6-9P • Saturday 7/15/6 6-8P
(Other days and times by appointment)

106a bldg B @ THE BLUE STAR ART COMPLEX • San Antonio, Texas
• 210-316-9391 •

Contemporary Art Month


Also on the 15th of July is COMA 5 in Chicago. It is going to be featured on Flavorpill, which will surely catapult all involved to super-stardom. The California Occidental Museum of Art is located next door from the North Hotel, a juke joint flop house inn which I am told is to be the site of the first ever Ye Olde COMA Youthful Arrt Fayre next spring. Incidentally, July 15th not only marks my quarter century of existence, but also the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt van Rijn. Sorry if the news is all me. But there is absolutely nothing else at all going on in the art world right now. Nothing.



Erik Wenzel (Carl Baratta Helped) •
Chillin' Nerdy Batman • Cameraphoneograph • 6/19/6
Erik Wenzel •
DON'T BLAME ME, I VOTED FOR THE TERRORISTS • Edition of 5 T-shirts, puffy paint • 2006


Lisa Hunter said...

Wish you were mass marketing your T-shirts. That's a definite guest appearance on the Daily Show.

Anonymous said...

You'd totally make all the morning shows if you accessorized, and then wore the get-up to say, the Waste of Chicago. Be sure to carry a camera and sketchbook (for photos of garbage cans, pigeons, benches, etc- then say you are a 'tourist' or 'artist' if confronted), But be prepared for "action", too.