Friday, October 27, 2006

I Wish

 Longo Höfer Lutes

Wow, five days of posts! Art or Idiocy? is doing well. Tomorrow (Sat 10/28/6) is the Museum of Contemporary Art's Benefit Auction. The marvelous affair is being held at the MCA's warehouse. A novel mixture of high society and industrial ambience. Art or Idiocy? was fortunate enough to be at the preview last week. Of course we took photos, and they are up in a special Flikr slide show. HERE

But the real treat is our wish list. Modestly gleaned from the auction catalog is a small selection of artworks that, if we had tons of cash here at the Art or Idiocy HQ, instead of just loads, we would snap up. So enjoy, and any savvy collectors out there can take it as free art consulting. Again, you'll find it HERE

It was most interesting to see such a wide range of art in this setting. As you'll see, it was quite austere. Almost shabby. The work was hung salon style on portable pegboard walls. And yet it was the greatest group of art we’ve come across in Chicago in a while. Chicago artists of various stripes of notoriety hung alongside artists from the US and abroad of various levels of fame. No judgment or hierarchy, really. It was all pretty straightforward. Up on the walls and out there, equal. There was also a good cross section of donors, galleries from Chicago, California, NYC and Europe. It was also a lot like going through a BFA or MFA show. Tons of work all next to eachother, some good some bad. But actually kind of inspiring and heartening. If only more shows like this took place. If only this was actually an exhibition, and was open to the public. If only the MCA took more risks and put together experimental shows in this location. Hmm, if only.

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