Tuesday, November 29, 2005

TOP TEN: artLedge (No.4)

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We are back, after the long Thanksgiving break. Let's get down to business. Art business.

So please enjoy artLedge's Number 4 TOP TEN List...

Art or Idiocy? asked artLedge to create a TOP TEN list. In their own words:

    artLedge is an experimental platform committed to presenting projects created specifically for the unique parameters of the Ledge and beyond. Exhibitions are celebrated with a festive one-night social nexus for artistic contemplation. Originating from the top of a spiral staircase that connects two floors of an apartment at 1638 N. Western, the artLedge initiative lends itself to an endless number of exhibition possibilities.
artLedge’s newest project, transcengressdension, opened recently at 40000, one of the spaces in the WestTown Gallery Network. Clever as ever, artLedge came up with a list of the top ten top ten lists. So check back here everyday, as a new number (and new list) will be unveiled.

artLedge’s Top Ten Top Ten Lists List

# 4 FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List

10) 10lopez-orozco2 Jorge Alberto Lopez-Orozco

9) 9montoya Diego Leon Montoya Sanchez

8) 8dorantes2 Genero Espinosa Dorantes

7) 7gerenaage Victor Manuel Gerena

6) 6goldberg1 Richard Steve Goldberg

5) 5laden Usama Bin Laden

4) 4bulger1 James J. Bulger

3) 3fisher2bw Robert William Fisher

2) 2godwin3 Glen Stewart Godwin

1) 1webb2 Donald Eugene Webb

Top tens selected from the worldinterwidenetweb.

• Info on artLedge at 40000

• Visit WestTown.

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