Thursday, February 01, 2007

Art Criticism, Mass Transit Criticism

Be sure to pick up a copy of this week's TimeOut. In addition to its usual great features, you will find another review I have done for them. This time it is on the current show at rowlandcontemporary, The Nature of Disturbance curated by Dan Devening. Also be sure to go and see the show before it closes on February 10. You can always read it online (here), but it doesn't have the same effect of being in print. It's also worth checking out this week for the feature on the CTA and it's lack of good trains and buses and, well, everything. You know you are in trouble when the Tribune, the Sun-Times, Crain's, TimeOut and so on, are all saying you need to shape up your operation.

Also, I just did an interview with Centerstage Chicago. You can learn all about art, writing about it, the best view in town, and like um wow, words that I never realize I am saying when I am like stalling for time while thinking of like um something to say. >HERE

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